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Who we are.

Verde Associates is a boutique growth consultancy comprised of highly accomplished business leaders with passion for results and a strong dislike for red tape.

Our experience taught us that no two business situations are exactly alike. We do not use out-of-the-box solutions, as we have never seen them yield anything but average results. Our commitment is to delivering outstanding results. Our approach is to draw on our vast business experience, ingenuity, creativity, resourcefulness and culture-awareness to create custom-tailored solutions for your unique business issues that deliver results that speak for themselves. We don’t just advise, we execute and work with our partners to get the job done.

Our team’s functional knowledge is highly complementary, and we share core values and work ethic. We recruit partners and associates who are smart, flexible, collaborative, humble, efficient and resourceful (and did we mention wickedly smart?). Most importantly, we love what we do! This makes our collective highly effective and a great partner to work with.

Collaboration is our core competence.

The Team.

Laura Sanchez-Greenberg Laura Sanchez-Greenberg
Managing Partner

Gerardo Canales Gerardo Canales
Partner, Finance and Operations Strategy
Carlos Leal Carlos Leal
Partner, Sales Deployment and Strategy
Victoria Gustafson Victoria Gustafson
Partner, Business Evolution


Melissa Choo Valentinas Melissa Choo Valentinas
Partner, Human Capital Strategies
Jackie Castaneda Jackie Castaneda
Director, Client Service and Operations
Sharone Rawson Sharone Rawson
Director, Analytics


What we do.

We are driving business results by bridging the gap between strategy, execution and results:

We bring a wealth of functional expertise to create unique approaches. Our specialty is new or high growth industries, start-ups and mid-cap companies, data rich/insights poor markets, issues that require multi-faceted skills to break down silos and business model changes.

Our offering is broad and deep, so we can draw on our toolbox to create unique approaches to get results.

Our 5 Practice Areas:

KOS Certified Public Accountants

Investment Support

  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Business Integration
  • Preparation for Investment Raise
  • Entrepreneur Business Coaching
  • Interim Executive Services
Scafuri Designs

Finance and Operations

  • Financial Distress Management
  • Operational Process (re)Design
  • Reporting
  • Spend Optimization
  • Internal Audit and Forensic Support
GLS Labs

Human Capital

  • Change Management
  • Executive and High Potential Coaching
  • Human Capital Strategies
  • Employee Relations

Business Evolution

  • Business Intelligence
  • Growth Management
  • Commercial Process (re)Design
  • New/Enhanced Revenue Streams
GLS Labs

Sales Strategy and Deployment

  • Go-To-Market
  • Sales Deployment Strategies
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Total Market Support
  • Contract Sales/Interim Client Management Functions


Like what you read above? Our team came together because of a shared vision and desire to help organizations soar to new heights, have some fun, and do great work. Are you smart, humble, flexible, and ready to make a difference? If you have deep industry and/or function specific expertise and would like to learn more, please contact us at:



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